Monday, March 31, 2008

Long skirts picked from Debenhams

I love window shopping online but when I'm at the malls, I always ended up buying something! lol :D Today, I window shopped at Debenhams and these are what I found, skirts! I don't know if they have here in Kuwait, I think I have to check their branch here this weekend.

Natural mono print long skirt

I love this skirt, the design is simple yet adorable. I'm a black and white fanatic so I think this will be perfect for me. Suitabel for long sleeve t-shirt to wear outdoors or probably to pair it with jacket over a cute t-shirt or sleeveless.

What I love in this skirt is the style and color, it could be worn with formal evening blouse or simply wear it casually with any matching tops.

This style of skirt can be found in any stores here in Kuwait, what I like most is there will be no need for ironing, it will be prefect for travelling.

Looks very chic and comfy, I like to wear it with floral or printed tops to look more attractive.

This is the best for me, very flexible style! To be worn with long sleeve t-shirt, formal jacket, printed tops or anything you fancy.


Celeritas said...

Wow, great skirts!

rieaane said...

You said so! :D

JiJi said...

Amazing skirts, thanks rieaane for the blog roll, I have added you too sister. Mashallah I love your taste in clothing!

rieaane said...

Hi jiji, you're welcome and thanks for adding me also. :)

ammena said...

subhanallah.. i absolutely love the last skirt you posted here, masha'allah

rieaane said...

hi sis ammena, thanks for visiting my blog, you have a nice blog there too..masha Allah! I will include you in my blogroll :)

Zaenab said...

hi great picks, i love the 3rd one and last one! :D