Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Modest way of Wearing Sleeveless Tunic

I found this cute sleeveless tunic at Spiegel and I really like the color and style, so I searched something to complete it and these are what I found:

Wear the long sleeve t-shirt under the sleeveless tunic. This could be worn also with black hijab but I chose floral to break the solid. I also chose gold color bag and shoes to match with the jewelry. A fashionale colored jewelries esp. combination of red-orange and black can also match with this pair. Explore!

Click the links below to shop for the items above:

Scarf: ebay
Pants: Spiegel
Blouse: Spiegel
Black T-shirt: ebay
Shoes and Bag: Spiegel
Bangle: Amazon


Celeritas said...

I really like this look, the gold bag is so attention grabbing.

rieaane said...

Thanks for appreciation, come back soon for more updates! :)