Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring Yellow Jacket

Some sisters out there might wonder if they can wear jacket on spring and summer season, well...the answer is yes of course, it just depends upon the materials of the clothes your are going to wear. The yellow jacket above is one of the samples that you can wear on spring. For me, yellow always go well with black, I found it more attractive to be worn in that combination. I chose multi-colored bangles and printed scarf to break the black and yellow solids which made the pair looks fascinating.

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JiJi said...

Absolutely adore this outfit! It looks as though it is made for Spring weather!

rieaane said...

i think so jiji, BTW thanks for visiting my blog :)

Alixianna said...

Yellow is so HAUTE for spring this year.

Anonymous said...

Alix told me to visit you from her blog, beautiful muslimah. Sweet site sister. Mashaallah those skirts I can wear.


rieaane said...

Alixianna, definitely! yellow is very rampant in Kuwait malls nowadays :)

Anonymous, thanks for that sweet comment sis, have a nice day!