Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Printed Fashionable Tunics

I really love wearing tunic, if you will open my wardrobe, all you can see are jackets and tunics be it long sleeve or sleeveless. I wore the sleeveless under my jacket or on top of my long sleeve shirt. This is the only thing that I think will match my pants since if I wear something short-bodied tops then I think it will not be modest at all. Below are some of the latest fashionale tunics that I found online. I love them all!

Printd tunic dress- I will probably wear this with beige loose pants and beige plain hijab, blue green shoes and bag with matching dark brown fashionable jewelries.

Printed bell sleeve tunic- could be worn with loose black pants and plain pink pashmina hijab. One thing I love with this tunic is the bell sleeve which is perfect for this season.

Satin-trim printed Tunic- this is one of my favorite color combination, the black and white. If I have to wear this, I will match it with black loose pants and black hijab with silver accessories.

Floral button front tunic- my younger sister will definitely love this! This could be worn with light colored pants like grey, off-white, plain white or light blue with matching hijab of course.
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Anonymous said...

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kismet said...

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cashmere said...

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Comeca Jones said...

Love them all as well stop by my blog I do other fashion post .Im sure you will love them!

Anonymous said...

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