Monday, March 31, 2008

Long skirts picked from Debenhams

I love window shopping online but when I'm at the malls, I always ended up buying something! lol :D Today, I window shopped at Debenhams and these are what I found, skirts! I don't know if they have here in Kuwait, I think I have to check their branch here this weekend.

Natural mono print long skirt

I love this skirt, the design is simple yet adorable. I'm a black and white fanatic so I think this will be perfect for me. Suitabel for long sleeve t-shirt to wear outdoors or probably to pair it with jacket over a cute t-shirt or sleeveless.

What I love in this skirt is the style and color, it could be worn with formal evening blouse or simply wear it casually with any matching tops.

This style of skirt can be found in any stores here in Kuwait, what I like most is there will be no need for ironing, it will be prefect for travelling.

Looks very chic and comfy, I like to wear it with floral or printed tops to look more attractive.

This is the best for me, very flexible style! To be worn with long sleeve t-shirt, formal jacket, printed tops or anything you fancy.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring Yellow Jacket

Some sisters out there might wonder if they can wear jacket on spring and summer season, well...the answer is yes of course, it just depends upon the materials of the clothes your are going to wear. The yellow jacket above is one of the samples that you can wear on spring. For me, yellow always go well with black, I found it more attractive to be worn in that combination. I chose multi-colored bangles and printed scarf to break the black and yellow solids which made the pair looks fascinating.

Click the image above to shop for the items or simply click the links provided below:

Friday, March 28, 2008

In love with Green Accessories

It seemed that I'm in love with green color this year, I never had a single green outfit nor accessories for the previous years but I think this is how life goes on, it changes all the time because I found green very attracttive nowadays. I started the year 2008 by buying some green outfits and accessories....even at home accessories...I bought green bedsheet last month!

I found the sleeveless tunic above while browsing for some green outfits and it was one of my choices since it will be very suitable for this season. I paired it with bolero jacket to cover the sleeve of course with matching pants, hijab and accessories. The tunic could also be worn over long sleeve t-shirt but I prefer to wear it with bolero jacket because I found it more comfortable and modest of course.

Click the image above to shop for the items or simply visit the links below:

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Modest Style Clothes Video

I found this in youtube today and I thought of sharing it here.

Video by: Nooraidaaja

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Yellow Stripe Tunic

Of course I knew the picture above is not modest at all in any sense but I just admired when I saw it online few days ago, in as much, citrus colors are very in nowadays. I want to find a way to wear it modestly, then few minutes ago I stumbled on this jacket below at amazon so I thought it will match the tunic above...I will try to wear it this way:

The jacket would be worn over the sleeveless, paired with the pants and hijab and matching accessories.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Multi-Colored Accessories

One of the trends this season is the multi-colored outfit or accessories. Below is one of my chosen way to wear it.

I chose combination of black and white because aside from it was my favorite combination, I found it very modest to pair with these colorful accessories. Any of the hijab colors presented above will also look beautiful.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Beautiful Hijabi

I found this image of Sitti Norhaliza at Flicker this morning and I thought of posting it here. I just love the image. She looks gorgeous in her hijab.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Wedding Hijab Style

Wearing hijab in your wedding day is not a hindrance for you to look fashionable. In fact a hijabi bride looks so pure and clean, like a maiden in Paradise. So, are you planning to wear hijab in your wedding day, then this is one of the most beautiful way to wear it.
Image by: veiled lady

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Modest way of Wearing Sleeveless Tunic

I found this cute sleeveless tunic at Spiegel and I really like the color and style, so I searched something to complete it and these are what I found:

Wear the long sleeve t-shirt under the sleeveless tunic. This could be worn also with black hijab but I chose floral to break the solid. I also chose gold color bag and shoes to match with the jewelry. A fashionale colored jewelries esp. combination of red-orange and black can also match with this pair. Explore!

Click the links below to shop for the items above:

Scarf: ebay
Pants: Spiegel
Blouse: Spiegel
Black T-shirt: ebay
Shoes and Bag: Spiegel
Bangle: Amazon

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dress in Style from Spiegel

I was looking for some formal dress this morning and what caught my attention was the Spiegel's spring collection. It's been a long time that I did not able to visit this site and I'm glad I found something I like from their list.
This is hand-crocheted sweater separates with pretty scalloped edges. I really love its color, best worn with dark brown hijab with matching accessories. BUT beware muslim ladies out there, don't show it off like the model above if you will wear this kind of dress, it is recommended to slightly close the jacket since the dress style is quite fitting to th body. Suitable for all occassion!

Metallic Linen Dress
What I like in this dress is the material used and the style of course, I think it will be very comfortable to wear especially when the heat of summer is nearly approaching soon. It could be worn with black hijab or any color that match. Suitable to be worn as casual or as a chic day dress.

Fit and Flare Dress
This is my favorite among the 3 and I'm dying to own! lol :D Yeah, I really love and adored this dress including the accessories! If I have to wear this dress, I will wear it with light clored floral silk hijab to break the solid and to look more attractive. Suitable for career wear or chic day dress.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Different Turkish Hijab Style

I found this cute video this morning in youtube which shows the diffrent ways fo wearing hijab by the Turkish ladies. I really love them all, they look so beautiful!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Formal Gown with Bolero and Hijab

Formal gown and bolero jacket with matching shawl to be worn as hijab.
I like the color combination and the the style. Could be worn with matching clutch and jewelries. Suitable for wedding parties and formal gatherings. Very chic!
Visit this link for details.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Printed Fashionable Tunics

I really love wearing tunic, if you will open my wardrobe, all you can see are jackets and tunics be it long sleeve or sleeveless. I wore the sleeveless under my jacket or on top of my long sleeve shirt. This is the only thing that I think will match my pants since if I wear something short-bodied tops then I think it will not be modest at all. Below are some of the latest fashionale tunics that I found online. I love them all!

Printd tunic dress- I will probably wear this with beige loose pants and beige plain hijab, blue green shoes and bag with matching dark brown fashionable jewelries.

Printed bell sleeve tunic- could be worn with loose black pants and plain pink pashmina hijab. One thing I love with this tunic is the bell sleeve which is perfect for this season.

Satin-trim printed Tunic- this is one of my favorite color combination, the black and white. If I have to wear this, I will match it with black loose pants and black hijab with silver accessories.

Floral button front tunic- my younger sister will definitely love this! This could be worn with light colored pants like grey, off-white, plain white or light blue with matching hijab of course.
Check this link to shop more similar items.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Dusters at Al-Farah

I'm not that really tall that's why I'm not of Abaya or Duster type too but when I spotted these lovely dusters at Al-Farah website, it seemed that I wanted to buy these two or something similar to it. The colors and styles really suit my taste, I am planning to search these kinds in Kuwait market soon! I hope I can find something like these.

Khaki Duster Coat

Low wrinkle linen duster
Check out this link to view more items.