Friday, March 28, 2008

In love with Green Accessories

It seemed that I'm in love with green color this year, I never had a single green outfit nor accessories for the previous years but I think this is how life goes on, it changes all the time because I found green very attracttive nowadays. I started the year 2008 by buying some green outfits and accessories....even at home accessories...I bought green bedsheet last month!

I found the sleeveless tunic above while browsing for some green outfits and it was one of my choices since it will be very suitable for this season. I paired it with bolero jacket to cover the sleeve of course with matching pants, hijab and accessories. The tunic could also be worn over long sleeve t-shirt but I prefer to wear it with bolero jacket because I found it more comfortable and modest of course.

Click the image above to shop for the items or simply visit the links below:


Anonymous said...

nice outfit, i love greens also!

rieaane said...

Thanks for appreciation :)

Hijabi Apprentice said...

I am a lover of green as well! I didn't realize I had SO much green in my closet until recently.

ma'a salaamah,


Anonymous said...

I'm going to usse this set pretty soon as a post..just letting u knkow

cheers janan

bed frame said...

My wife love color green. That outfit is going to fit her perfectly. It is so complete. I am going to show this to her. I am sure she will be so happy if she sees this.