Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Latest Finds: Ponchos from Spiegel

Modesty, Comfort, Elegance, Style? What else are you looking for? I think all these ponchos above will give all the things I looked for this season. That’s why I chose to post it here in my blog to share it to you dear readers. However, to comply completely with our dress code we cannot wear that alone for our tops since the sleeve is a little bit shorter so we need something to cover our full sleeve.

In this case I think it should be worn over a long sleeve t-shirt to completely cover what needed to be covered. A matching loose pants and plain hijab will complete these outfit.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Abaya that I'm in Love with!

As I always mentioned in this blog that I'm not an abaya type lady and I only wear this kind of clothes whenever I traveled to K.S.A. or during Ramadan night prayer and Eid holidays. Not that I don't like it but I think I'm not just used to it. I always adore some ladies wearing it esp. when the style is very chic. They look very lovely.

I consumed almost 2 hours this morning to look for kind of abaya on line that match my taste and fortunately I found the one above at www.jelbab.com so I immediately made a collage out of it with the matching accessories. I plan to buy more abayas this time because I only owned few, and whenever I looked at that collage, I can see myself on it because I knew that if I'm going to wear abaya, it should be like that.

Click the image above to shop for the items or simply click the links below:

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Beautiful Malay Muslim Wedding Gowns

Images by: Puteri Najwa

Today, I added a new label or category in my blog where I can feature different styles of muslim wedding gowns all over the world, I started it with these very beautiful malay gowns which made me want to be a bride again, lol... but of course still with my hubby as the groom! :D The malay muslims have their own unique style of wedding gowns, inspired by their very colorful traditional dress combined with little touch of modernity, and that made it very unique among others.

I really like all the 3 pictures above, my only comment is, they were little bit tight, so I think if the style would be losen a bit to hide the figure, then it will be a perfect modest wedding gown for every muslima out there.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Modest Daytime Dresses

Today I found a website called boston proper while I was browsing for some daytime dresses to feature in this blog today, most of their products are not modest at all but I still able to pick something which I think will be appropriate to wear by fashionable muslimas out there :) These are good for spring and n summer days, perfect to be worn anytime of the day esp. at the parks and seasides:

Vintage kaftan dress

Color-brushed strapless dress

Smocked border-print dress

All of the above dresses should be worn with matching jacket to cover the shoulder and sleeve of course. The jacket below is one of my picks to wear with these dresses. I knew there are lots of jackets that will be more prettier than this but I'm quite lazy this morning to search for more, lol :D

Embellished denim jacket

Lastly, the most important thing, don't forget to wear the matching HIJAB to complete these set!