Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Latest Finds: Ponchos from Spiegel

Modesty, Comfort, Elegance, Style? What else are you looking for? I think all these ponchos above will give all the things I looked for this season. That’s why I chose to post it here in my blog to share it to you dear readers. However, to comply completely with our dress code we cannot wear that alone for our tops since the sleeve is a little bit shorter so we need something to cover our full sleeve.

In this case I think it should be worn over a long sleeve t-shirt to completely cover what needed to be covered. A matching loose pants and plain hijab will complete these outfit.


Zaenab said...

great find!

janan said...

Very elegant!!!

ladymuslima said...

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Lady Muslima said...

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N-Ti said...

The Georgette poncho looks great.

Comeca Jones said...

Love the ponchos they are so me!

Wisdom said...

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Assalamu Alaykum