Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Abaya that I'm in Love with!

As I always mentioned in this blog that I'm not an abaya type lady and I only wear this kind of clothes whenever I traveled to K.S.A. or during Ramadan night prayer and Eid holidays. Not that I don't like it but I think I'm not just used to it. I always adore some ladies wearing it esp. when the style is very chic. They look very lovely.

I consumed almost 2 hours this morning to look for kind of abaya on line that match my taste and fortunately I found the one above at so I immediately made a collage out of it with the matching accessories. I plan to buy more abayas this time because I only owned few, and whenever I looked at that collage, I can see myself on it because I knew that if I'm going to wear abaya, it should be like that.

Click the image above to shop for the items or simply click the links below:


kima said...

Jelbab is one of my favorite abaya stores. Love the Dior bag too! Salam :-)

Sis said...

I love arabic abayas but they are so expensive av especailly coz you also have to pay big no for coz of that.I am happy that there are shops in the UK ont the internet with nice abayas such as they have ababic styla abayas sometimes. Hope they´ll get new ones soon again.

Hana said...

Thaanks for the info about paying customs. There are much more beautiful Islamic clothing online than I can find in the shops here in Australia, but I don't want to have to pay customs duty! Artizara has about the best clothing for dresses, kaftans, tops and skirts, I love their ranges so much!

Batool said...

This is another website for hijabs
it very nice :)

Batool said...

This is very nice website and they have many options