Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fashion Trends for Spring 2008

Good bye winter and welcome Spring! Spring is my favorite season of the year, all things seem to be perfect for me...the atmosphere, the fruits this season and most of all the fashion trends of course! So what's in for this season? Most designers nowadays believed that graphic prints, bold colors, feminine style dressing and white pants is the most fashionable this season.

Graphic Prints

Some fearless fashionistas are combining these strong patterns by layering floral over abstract, stripe over polka-dot, large-scale prints over small. My advice is to sport one busy piece at a time and keep the rest of your outfit neutral. A loud blouse over quiet khakis, or a vibrant print wrap dress set off by subdued accessories, will score style points without blinding your audience.

Bold Colors

Citrus yellow, mint green, ocean blue, lilac and crimson — these are undeniably dazzling hues but they're also surprisingly flattering. As with this season's big prints, it's best not to drape yourself in blazing color from head to toe. (Check this link to read more) .

Below are some of my choices from various fashion websites for this season's trends. Check out the links provided to shop more choices.

Slide: Miu Miu Ayers at
Hijab: Solid wool and cashmere pashima at

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