Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Different Hijab Styles

hooded half-neck wrap

Zig zag necktie

Behind the ears

Layers behind the head

Diamond Breast Hijab

Scrunch silk hijab

Butterfly twist hijab

Photos by: Alixianne


Celeritas said...

I would LOVE you to explain how you create these styles. I have no idea how to make those beautiful Turkish scarf hijabs especially considering that Turkish scarves are a lot smaller than normal square hijab as they are 90cm square rather than 120cm square plus.

rieaane said...

Celeritas, actually even me had difficulties in wearing this kind of hijab, I have almost 10 scarves of the same size and until now I'm still in the process of learning how to use it correctly! lol :D

Anonymous said...


i love the way they wore the scarves, is it possible for someone to do a video on how to wear the turkish style hijab.


Jean said...

Salaam, I would really love if someone would really do a demonstration on these hijab style
a) Layers behind the head
b)Behind the ears
Thank You
P.S. This would be very helpful and useful.:)

Anonymous said...

salam i wear my scarf like the some women in lebanon. bit like the layers behind the ears but with the back pinned to the top of my head hanging down so i guess it be a bit like that. try putting your hair in a bun place your scarf over ur head making it equal at both sides wrap the 2 sides around and tie in a knot under your bun then wrap around the top knoting at the top ov bun. this is where i then fold the side closest to my face over the bun do it on both sides and pin the top and sides in place.. i can only think that this layer behind the ears is similar but without the folding over.

thetruereligion said...

Alhamdulillah, I am pleased to see so many people who wear Hijab if only Nasara knew the beauty behind it.


Nadia said...

wow all of these designs look very elegant mashallah. I would love to be able to wear my hijab in these ways. I came across one site that has a demonstration of how to wear the Turkish style hijab, but I think it's shown only 2-3 ways. The website is


Sister, it would be great if you could post videos up of tying hijabs this way once you're comfortable with it inshallah, I would love to see it done step by step! Jazakillah khayr for posting up these beautiful designs!

Anonymous said...


The designs are very interesting indeed but would it be possible if there were steps on how to tie the hijab? (:


Anonymous said...

i simply looove it! i have lots of styles myself, well looks like im gona have to add one to the list!!! :D :D

Anonymous said...

You can find plenty of guides to different hijab styles here:


Taahira-Malak said...

Can someone please tell where to buy these scarves in the USA. Thanks

AIMAN said...

its looking gorgious.really a simplisity is a real beauty i really like all styles .if any 1 of u have more collection of styles .plz do send me .i really appreciate it

sameera rajani said...

salaam, i have always wondered how people wear their scarves really nicely i would love it if their was a video demonstration or even step by step picture instructions